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Tropico 5

Tropico 5

Rating: Teen
Genre: Strategy
Tropico 5 is based on a simulation genre that challenges players to manage and construct entire cities. This game has elements of realism such as historic timelines that correlate to colonial times in the United States and World War II. Players have the chance to build entire nations on remote islands. Real infrastructure is built in a typical city building fashion. Homes, businesses, bridges, roads and much more are part of this simulation game. Depending upon the selected era, the cities can take advantage of the latest technology such as railroads, electricity and airplanes. A dynasty mode essentially allow players to create rulers of various titles such as president and ambassadors. As the name implies, Tropico 5 is based on a tropical setting that is presented well with beautiful three dimensional graphics which realistically simulate palm trees, beaches and more.

Tropico 5
Xbox One Release Date

May 30, 2017
UPC: 848466000925

Tropico 5
Xbox One Release Date

May 24, 2016
UPC: 848466000642

Tropico 5 (PS4)
PS4 Release Date

April 28, 2015
UPC: 848466000406

Tropico 5
Xbox 360 Release Date

November 11, 2014
UPC: 848466000390

Tropico 5
PC Release Date

June 17, 2014
UPC: 848466000383

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