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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

Rating: Teen
Ahoy! You there! It's time to take to the high seas in search of fortune and adventure and become a pirate of legend in Seas of Thieves! In this massively multiplayer, first-person view game, learn the ways of pirates as you explore the world and battle against others one-on-one and in groups on land and sea. Although a story awaits you, it isn't a pre-destined one: Enjoy many options for creating player-generated content to customize the story for unique experiences and memories! Watch out! The wrong choices as you play can result in a character walking the plank! A pirate's life can be more than you could ever imagined. Sea of Thieves will show you a world of limitless possibilities!

Sea of Thieves
Xbox One Release Date

March 20, 2018
UPC: 889842280449

Sea of Thieves
PC Release Date

December 29, 2017
UPC: Not announced

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