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Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport

Rating: Everyone
Gran Turismo Sport offers players a realistic experience in racing all over the world. This game features vehicles from top manufacturers such as Audi, Mazda and Mercedes-Benz. Drivers get the chance to represent their countries and sponsors while racing for prestige and prize money. Gran Turismo Sport includes two FIA online championships that offer plenty of challenges on the world's biggest stages of car racing. The Nation Cup Series is all about patriotism and national pride, while the Manufacturers Cup focuses on the best brands of sports cars. An innovative game engine mimics the acoustics of real racing such as sounds of fuel exhaust and tire skidding. Additionally, the graphics engine accurately simulates the physics of rapid acceleration, swift turns and other maneuvers.

Gran Turismo Sport
PS4 Release Date

October 17, 2017
UPC: 711719502791

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