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Pokemon Sun

Pokemon Sun

Rating: Everyone
Are you ready to add to your Pokedex? There are dozens of creatures waiting for you in Pokemon Sun, the latest addition to the Pokemon franchise. Not only will you have the chance to catch, train, battle and evolve a whole new series of faces, but you'll also have the ability to save and transfer them with the new-and-improved PokeBank. It doesn't matter where the creatures originated; you can load and unload them in any game that includes a PokeBank. You'll also enjoy enhanced graphics and multiplayer modes with Pokemon Sun, including ones that will tally scores and record rankings. Compete with your friends; challenge your enemies; increase your Pokedex one by one. After all, you gotta catch 'em all.

Pokemon Sun
3DS Release Date

November 18, 2016
UPC: 018717025360

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