Super Mario Galaxy 2 Release Dates

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Rating: Everyone
Genre: Action
Step into a starry sequel with ?Super Mario Galaxy 2.? This nebular redux takes the red-capped ruffian on an interstellar quest via the Starship Mario, which is a portable planet in the shape of the hero's head. A lovable Luma reprises a mystical role to grant special spinning skills to the iconic Italian. Meanwhile, Bowser has ballistically consumed several Grand Stars to dramatically increase his size. With his newly gained gigantism, Mario's mortal enemy once again kidnaps Peach. With the princess in his control, the King Koopa flees into outer space to rebuild his kingdom in the middle of the universe. Playful power-ups instill serious transformations to solve engrossingly rich cosmic puzzles. The tirelessly tilting terrain gives Nintendo's foremost franchise a stunning new life. Team up with Yoshi to reunite an unstoppable tag-team duo. Collect Power Stars and Comet Medals to free Mushroom Kingdom from peril!
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Super Mario Galaxy 2
Wii Release Date

May 23, 2010
UPC: 782695373118

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