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Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy

Rating: Everyone
Genre: Puzzle
This episode of the Mario saga opens with the Mushroom Kingdom's comet festival. Bowser interrupts the celebration and abducts Princess Peach by attaching her castle to his airship and hauling her into outer space. With the help of new friends, Princess Rosalina and her Lumas, Mario's strives to defeat Bowser and his son Bowser Jr. to bring Peach home. By collecting Power Stars to repair the observatory, Mario can gain transport from its domes to 42 different galaxies containing 120 Power Stars. In his galactic journeys, Mario encounters a variety of replayable levels. Mario faces planetary systems, asteroid fields, ghost houses, water slides, elaborate castles and more. New power-ups and a spin attack help Mario complete levels, hidden puzzles, timed stages and coin challenges. Altered game physics expose Mario to gravity effects that sometimes require upside down and backward gameplay.
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Super Mario Galaxy
Wii Release Date

November 12, 2007
UPC: 045496900434

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