Just Dance 3 Release Dates

Just Dance 3

Just Dance 3

Rating: Everyone 10+
Genre: Dancing, Kinect
Let loose with ?Just Dance 3.? A lively party is around the corner with Ubisoft's swinging selections. Become a superstar by jiving with over 40 chart-topping body-dropping singles. Groove with dozens of iconic acts like Daft Punk, Queen and Katy Perry. This title is packed with several innovative modes to get everyone into the rhythm. Just Sweat mode transforms the dancing regimen into a cunning exercise routine; meanwhile, avid gamers never have to cease shaking with the infinite Party Mode. Duets enshrine extra interactive flair, while Medleys keep the surprises coming in full force. Try Simon Says for call-and-response calamity. A downloadable online catalog keeps fresh tunes in steady supply. Shy members of a virtual dance gathering can also still engage without showing off their moves. With on-screen lyrics, this vivacious boogie blast has dual life as a karaoke wonder.

Just Dance 3
PS3 Release Date

December 6, 2011
UPC: 008888346777

Just Dance 3
Xbox 360 Release Date

October 7, 2011
UPC: 008888526773

Just Dance 3 [Nintendo Wii]
Wii Release Date

October 7, 2011
UPC: 008888176770

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