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Dance Central

Dance Central

Rating: Teen
Genre: Dancing, Kinect
Dance Central is the first dancing game to take advantage of the Xbox 360's innovative Kinect peripheral. Kinect uses a high-resolution video camera in conjunction with advanced motion-tracking software to detect what the player's body is doing at any given time. You no longer need to use a controller to play; your whole body can become the controller! Dance Central is the ideal application to take advantage of this exciting new technology. The game challenges players to follow specific, choreographed full-body dance routines in time to a varied selection of music tracks. The more closely you match the onscreen moves and the more precise your rhythm, the higher your score. The game includes over 30 songs by top artists including Lady Gaga, No Doubt, M.I.A., Bell Biv Devoe, and many more.
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Dance Central
Xbox 360 Release Date

December 28, 2010
UPC: 885370283181

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