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Fable III

Fable III

Rating: Mature
The continent known as Albion is under the control of a man named Logan. Not only is Logan the older brother of the hero, he is also a Tyrant King that is slowly destroying the kingdom. The hero has no choice but to start a quest to lead a revolution against his brother. This happens when Logan reveals to the hero that he was not the kind and compassionate person he pretended to be, but that he was in fact an evil tyrant. The hero must then make decisions over the course of many adventures in order to dethrone and overthrow Logan and become the ruler of the continent of Albion. Later into the adventure a terrible force from Aurora known only as the Darkness becomes a major threat to Albion, leaving the hero to once again decide how to save the continent.
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Fable 3
PC Release Date

May 17, 2011
UPC: 885370212617

Fable III
Xbox 360 Release Date

October 26, 2010
UPC: 100177413532

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