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Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey

Rating: Teen
In a magical, mystical world on the brink of revolution and war, the 1000 year old immortal Kaim's life unfolds with breathtaking visuals. A rich cast of characters including lost loves and family members join Kaim as he seeks the truth behind his immortality and unravels his own story. But will the reunions be torn apart by the threat of war? A mixture of massively multiplayer gaming elements combine with a traditional role-playing experience, buoyed by a story with intense emotional depth and stunning graphics. With a plot written by famed Japanese author Kiyoshi Shigematsu, and numerous veteran developers involved, this game resurrects the glory of early Final Fantasy style titles while offering an experience worthy of the latest platforms and technology.
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Lost Odyssey
Xbox 360 Release Date

February 13, 2008
UPC: 882224521017

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