Saints Row 2 Release Dates

Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2

Rating: Mature
Genre: Outdoors, Sports
Saints Row 2 offers both single player missions and intense combat with multiplayer situations. There are over 40 different story missions and some bonus content for players to enjoy for hours on end. Several vehicles can be used to navigate through the maps and defeat enemies. Some of those vehicles include boats, motorcycles, helicopters and planes. For ground battles, riot shields, melee and fine aim are available to assist players in defeating enemy forces. Stillwater is where a majority of the gameplay takes place. This story begins with the main character, or player, awakening from a 5-year coma. Waking in confusion, players must quickly adapt to new gangs, the fact that they no longer rule Stillwater and what seems to be unfamiliar territory. One of the goals is to reunite with other saints to rejoin forces and recreate a strong team.
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Saints Row 2
Xbox 360 Release Date

October 14, 2008
UPC: 752919550304

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