Left 4 Dead - Game of the Year Edition Release Dates

Left 4 Dead - Game of the Year Edition

Left 4 Dead - Game of the Year Edition

Rating: Mature
Genre: Action, Shooter
Portal. Half-Life. Team Fortress. Valve has a reputation for releasing high-quality games that capture the heart of the gaming community, and Left 4 Dead is no exception. A first-person shooter with elements of a survival horror game, Left 4 Dead offers thrills and chills in its online multiplayer versus and co-op maps.Play on the zombie team and constantly respawn with different abilities or team up with your friends and try to make it to the safe house. The game is enhanced by the built-in artificial intelligence which spawns zombie hordes, health pills and speed power-ups to keep the game challenging and dynamic for both sides. If a player falls behind, you must decide between risking your own health to go back to save them or run for the safe house while leaving your friend for dead.
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Left 4 Dead
Xbox 360 Release Date

May 12, 2009
UPC: 783651557634

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