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Kinect Star Wars

Kinect Star Wars

Rating: Teen
Genre: Action, Kinect
Kinect Star Wars offers fans of Star Wars a new way to play with their favorite characters from the entire series, with a range of minigames where you are the controller. Whether you're using force powers, twirling around your lightsaber or engaging in a dance off with Han Solo, there's always something different to do. In keeping with the game's light hearted fun, a selection of co-operative and competitive game modes are included to keep the whole family playing. However, for the solo player there's still plenty to do, such as a fully fledged podracing mode with races on different planets across the galaxy, and a duelling mode with several different opponents. Kinect Star Wars requires the Xbox 360 Kinect camera.
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Kinect Star Wars
Xbox 360 Release Date

April 3, 2012
UPC: 168141648373

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