Guitar Hero 2 Release Dates

Guitar Hero 2

Guitar Hero 2

Rating: Teen
Genre: Musical
The legend rocks on in Activision's Guitar Hero 2. Join your favorite characters as they take the stage to follow their musical dreams as you strum away to some of your favorite songs of all time. With different difficulty settings that will impact the way your music is heard Guitar Hero 2 is sure to provide game players of all ages and abilities with a musical experience like no other. Guitar Hero 2 allows you to expand your musical instrument portfolio as you jam out on not only the guitar, but also pick along with the bass or knock out hot beats on the guitar. Guitar Hero 2 is a visual masterpiece as well and you will feel as if you are actually on stage once you sit back and relax on your living room couch.
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Guitar Hero 2
Xbox 360 Release Date

October 28, 2007
UPC: 047875950733

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