Dead Space Extraction Release Dates

Dead Space Extraction

Dead Space Extraction

Rating: Mature
Genre: Adventure
Dead Space Extraction combines cinematic horror with action and adventure. Players can dismember and freeze enemies easily. Players also have new puzzles, characters and weapons to work with in this installment. In co-op mode players team up to create a strong force to fight off enemies. It also helps to work as a team to solve puzzles and use telekinesis to defy gravity. The graphics in this game are realistic and have the scare factor built-in. A great deal of skill and strategic planning are required in order to win battles and defeat the enemy attackers. Be one of the few to escape the infection on the Aegis VII Mining Colony by using zero gravity to trick enemy forces. The best way to survive this game, protect the young girl and gain immunity from the dementia, or forgetfulness, that the rest of the town is experiencing.
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Dead Space Extraction
Wii Release Date

September 28, 2009
UPC: 014633192087

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