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Excite Truck

Excite Truck

Rating: Everyone
Genre: Racing
Use the controller as a steering wheel to make jumps and get a more realistic gaming experience with Excite Truck. One of the most fun features of this game is the ability to pick items up on a track. These items can be used to change or deform the terrain of the track. This makes it difficult for those racing against you to make it to the finish line. One of these boosts is turning a measly hill into a violent launch pad. While the truck is in the air on a jump, racers can add landing boosts for additional points and an advantage over other racers. Each course has a different obstacle to overcome. The trucks are built for off-roading, but remember to watch out for booby traps as they can be anywhere. Earn more points by learning maneuverability tricks as well.
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Excite Truck
Wii Release Date

November 19, 2006
UPC: 045496900021

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