Devil May Cry Collection Release Dates

Devil May Cry Collection

Devil May Cry Collection

Rating: Mature
Genre: Action
Begin the Devil May Cry journey anew with the Devil May Cry Collection which contains the first three video games in the series. As the story in each game unfolds, you?ll find out why Dante is regarded as one of the best video game character creations of the previous decade. The story centers around the protagonist half-demon private investigator that is looking to exact revenge on the demonic forces that killed his mother and twisted his sibling into a malevolent supernatural force. The graphics in each game has also received a slick, HD upgrade which should entice even veteran gamers that have previously played the game.

Devil May Cry Collection
Xbox 360 Release Date

April 3, 2012
UPC: 013388330409

Devil May Cry HD Collection
PS3 Release Date

April 3, 2012
UPC: 013388340415

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