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Dance Central 3

Dance Central 3

Rating: Teen
Genre: Action
Dance Central 3 is the third installment in the popular Dance Central series. Players are challenged to follow the on-screen character's dance moves. The more accurate the player can follow the dancer, the better the score. In this installment, players must go back in time to different music eras to stop the evil Dr. Tan. Successfully completing the dance battles brings players closer to the goal. There are 46 songs from a variety of music genres on Dance Central 3. More songs are available as download content. Songs from the first two games can also be imported. Those who are new to dance games will appreciate the Beginner Mode. The Party mode randomizes the songs and mini-games for friendly group competition. Dance Central 3 offers a lot of fun activity for nearly all ages and ability levels.
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Dance Central 3
Xbox 360 Release Date

October 16, 2012
UPC: 885370477023

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