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Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia

Rating: Teen
Set in a world called Reize Maxia, spirits and humans normally co-exist peacefully. However, two countries competeing for power set off the game's conflict and launch two unlikely heroes into an adventure of epic proportions. Play as the mysterious Milla Maxwell, a woman who controls the four Great Spirits of the world, or Jude Mathia, a young medical student training in the royal city to begin your adventure. Two possible heroes means two sides to the story! Real time battles feature a new "dual raid" system to expand strategy and increase combos against challenging enemies amidst an expansive environment with dozens of locations to explore. Character designs drawn by different key artists of the "Tales" team add a unique diversity to the cast in the expansive world of Reize Maxia while presenting many new and key features of JRPGs in both design and gameplay.
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Tales of Xillia
PS3 Release Date

August 6, 2013
UPC: 722674110778

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