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Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals

Rating: Everyone 10+
Genre: Racing
Racing is the most important thing in the world to the two groups who are going neck and neck once more in Need for Speed Rivals. Two factions, the police and the racers, are once more pitted against each other to see who can come out on the top. Driving at speeds of 200 miles per hour around breakneck curves while keeping control of a vehicle is never easy, but these racers have what it takes to win. Using brand new upgrades and types of vehicles, as well as newly instated turbo abilities, they face off against all challenges presented. However, the ability to be able to go from the garage to the streets, or even to choose any path through a city or specific area, gives the racers complete freedom. Crashing and burning is always something that is right around the corner, but the racers have what it takes to stay on track in more ways than one.
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Need for Speed Rivals
Xbox One Release Date

November 22, 2013
UPC: 021112153323

Need for Speed Rivals
Xbox 360 Release Date

November 19, 2013
UPC: 865961596333

Need for Speed Rivals
PS3 Release Date

November 19, 2013
UPC: 014633730333

Need for Speed Rivals
PC Release Date

November 19, 2013
UPC: 809186262154

Need for Speed: Rivals
PS4 Release Date

November 15, 2013
UPC: 885154168796

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