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Rating: Mature
Considered to be the next generation of RPGs, Bloodborne offers a unique and bloody view into a world where advanced gameplay and updated graphics allow you to see every drop of saliva before cleaving a monster in two. An illness has swept the dark, Victorian city of Yharnam, and it's up to you to battle humans and creatures alike as you search for answers through its cobbled streets. But finding a cure won't be easy. There's also a terrible secret lurking in the shadows, one that could cost you a lot more than your life. You'll need a full arsenal and every ounce of your wits to out-fight, out-think and out-strategize your enemies. Combining cutting-edge graphics and online modes for multiplayer or enhanced gaming, Bloodborne offers a grisly yet meaningful tale for anyone brave enough to see it through until the end.
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PS4 Release Date

March 24, 2015
UPC: 711719053156

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