Terraria Release Dates



Rating: Teen
Genre: Adventure
Explore whole new worlds with Terraria, where sea monsters can be fought with pickaxes and shining cities can be built out of clay and mud. It's your job to travel across vibrant, one-of-a-kind landscapes and fight your way to a better tomorrow, but sometimes the battle is through construction or collection rather than brute force. You'll need a whole assortment of skills, including fighting, digging, building, creating and map-reading, in order to overcome your foes and bring peace back to the world. You can also play with up to eight friends to collaborate on a better society. In Terraria, the universe is yours to shape as you see fit, and it's a responsibility as well as a privilege.
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Terraria NSW
Switch Release Date

August 27, 2019
UPC: 812872017150

Wii U Release Date

June 28, 2016
UPC: 812872018560

3DS Release Date

March 15, 2016
UPC: 812872018553

Vita Release Date

June 9, 2015
UPC: 812872018683

Xbox One Release Date

December 2, 2014
UPC: 812872018317

PS4 Release Date

December 2, 2014
UPC: 812872018294

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