Pokken Tournament Release Dates

Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament

Rating: Everyone 10+
Genre: Action, Fighting
Fight in Pokemon battles styled after Tekken arcade design matches in the Pokemon/Tekken mashup Pokken Tournament! Battle using your favorite Pokemon characters, such as Pikkachu, Lucario, Blaziken, Charizard, Pikkachu Libre, Machamp and many more, in one-on-one Tekken-style fights using traditional Pokemon fighting moves and Mega Evolution abilities! Use supporting characters like Fennekin, Frogadier, Snivy, Eevee and Whimsicott to attack opponents with additional powers! Take the fighting to the next level with a limited-edition amiibo card version of Mewtwo called Shadow Mewtwo! Old and new players alike will enjoy smooth, tightly-controlled game play. Are you a Pokemon master tournament player? Experience your favorite Pokemon characters through amazing enhanced graphics that make them and their powers look more realistic than ever!

Pokken Tournament
Wii U Release Date

March 18, 2016
UPC: 045496904166

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