Rad Rodgers Radical Edition Release Dates

Rad Rodgers Radical Edition

Rad Rodgers Radical Edition

Rating: Mature
Genre: Action, Shooter
Rad is a rambunctious but spirited young boy who maybe plays too many video games. After dozing off at the tail end of a long night of gaming, Rad awakens to find his dusty old console has turned itself back on. Suddenly a vortex emerges and he's sucked into his TV, where he finds himself the star in his very own video game adventure. Dusty is Rad's good-hearted but foul-mouthed, now-sentient game console. His clock speed isn't what it used to be, but what he lacks for in megahertz he makes up for with experience and attitude! Rad & Dusty's adventure takes them through many dangerous stages of action-packed, humor-filled, hardcore platforming fun. This decaying jungle world has been infected by a fierce corruption, and it's up to the unlikely buddy-duo Rad and Dusty to save the jungle's inhabitants and restore the Elder Tree as guardian of the land. Weapons: Dusty arms Rad with a variety of radical bad-ass weaponry. The Bolt Blaster has unlimited ammo, is easy to use, and more than eno
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Rad Rogers Nintendo Switch
Switch Release Date

February 26, 2019
UPC: 811994021748

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