Jak & Daxter Collection Release Dates

Jak & Daxter Collection

Jak & Daxter Collection

Rating: Everyone
Genre: Adventure
Jak is an elf that likes to solve mysteries and get into trouble. Daxter is an explorer who has become friends with Jak and the two have had more than their fair share of adventures together. This time, there are several adventures that Jak and Daxter must go on in order to defeat the evil in their universe and allow the good people to get on with their lives. As the duo works together to conquer each challenge, Jak starts to notice that they are being followed by someone who looks very familiar. Finally, Jak comes face to face with his evil twin who calls himself Dark Jak. To bring back balance, Light Jak is introduced and now Light Jak and Daxter have to hunt down Dark Jak and stop him before he can bring about the end of the universe.
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Jak and Daxter Collection
Vita Release Date

June 18, 2013
UPC: 711719221272

Jak & Daxter Collection
PS3 Release Date

February 7, 2012
UPC: 000000098281

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