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wipEout 2048

wipEout 2048

Rating: Everyone 10+
Genre: Flying
The wipEout 2048 racing game is based on a futuristic style aerial racing competition. The science fiction element includes machines that are hybrids of traditional vehicles and aircraft. The racing goes on above the streets of a futuristic New York City setting. The gravity defying game physics allow the racing machines to make agile maneuvers while competing against others. The crossplay mode in wipEout 2048 allows for displaying the graphics of this game on multiple compatible devices including a handheld console and HDTV. In multiplayer mode, up to eight players can join the racing action in wipEout 2048. Voice commands and motion sensors make this game much more interactive than other traditional racing games. Players can tilt their handheld consoles and controllers to virtually control the vehicles within the game. Offensive and defensive powers give players an edge during races.
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Wipeout 2048
Vita Release Date

February 13, 2012
UPC: 163120256730

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