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Mario Party 10

Mario Party 10

Rating: Everyone
Mario Party 10 retains and also improves many of the classic features in the popular Mario Party game series. In this particular title, there is an all new mode called Bowser's Party. Essentially, a human player can control this traditional boss and take on four other players. Bowser spoils the party for Mario and other classic characters such as Wario, Luigi and Princess Peach. In Bowser Mode, the challenge is to advance through a dangerous board that is full of tricks and obstacles. The traditional board game design of Mario Party 10 features new themes and settings such as amusement parks. As always, there is a sense of frivolous and fun action throughout the different mini games of Mario Party 10. Hearts must be collected and used wisely when performing dangerous maneuvers when advancing through the stages of this game.
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Mario Party 10
Wii U Release Date

March 20, 2015
UPC: 783719826795

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