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Mario vs. Donkey Kong creates a conflict between some of the most popular characters in the Super Mario game franchise. This title uses a classic two dimensional side platform design with very colorful displays and fun sound effects. Mario must lead Princess Peach safely through a series of levels that are revived from the early versions of Super Mario titles. Multiple Donkey Kongs stand in the way of Mario and the princess. These giant apes can stomp, punch and do other moves that are quire damaging. There is also the option to create custom levels in classic style. Mario collects coins and other tokens while navigating through the levels that include traditional green plumbing pipes and brown brick structures. Overall, there is a frivolous and fun feeling to the whole story line that places Mario at odds with Donkey Kong.
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Mario Vs. Donkey Kong?
Switch Release Date

February 16, 2024
UPC: 045496599720

Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Wii Release Date

December 31, 2015
UPC: Not announced

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