Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth Release Dates

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth

Rating: Teen
Genre: Adventure
It's time to experience romance like never before in Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth! In this Gothic-Victorian-Steampunk visual novel, a young woman who lives in an old mansion near London, Cardia, has never known love: Her skin carries a toxic poison. Although her father who has gone missing told her to remain hidden, locals know of her existence and refer to her as a monster. After two years of waiting, Cardia is almost kidnapped by royal guards, but a thief, Arsene Lupin, helps her escape and agrees to help her search for her father. Cardia's father also warned her to never fall in love. Cardia then meets four men who also wish to help -- Impey Barbicane, Count Saint-Germain, Abraham Van Helsing and Victor Frankenstein. Will Cardia ever be able to love without causing harm? Which man will she choose?
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Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth
Switch Release Date

February 6, 2020
UPC: 853736006750

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth
Vita Release Date

October 20, 2015
UPC: 865415000164

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