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Rating: Everyone 10+
Genre: Adventure
Explore a multitude of levels created by both developers and game players as SackBoy, an adventurous hero. Collect and use stickers, props and other in game items as you make your way through the challenging and intricate levels, then share trophies and accomplishments with friends. LittleBigPlanet provides hours of entertainment for players of all ages, and almost endless user customization. Select everything from the way your character looks onscreen to the levels you play, and change your mind at will! SackBoy's onscreen interaction with the objects that surround him in each level provide entertainment, even on a replay of the level. As new items are unlocked, different parts of the levels open up, giving you new opportunities to explore. These unlocked items are also ways to personalize characters, create new levels, and add your own personal touch to preexisting areas.
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Vita Release Date

September 25, 2012
UPC: 711719221067

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