Resident Evil 4 Release Dates

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

Rating: Mature
Genre: Action, Shooter
Return the zombie filled nightmare to conduct a desperate rescue mission in Resident Evil 4. Play as Leon S. Kennedy, a police officer who narrowly escaped the zombie onslaught years before and must now venture to Europe to rescue the president's daughter. Suspicious locals and tough new monsters await at every turn and players must overcome challenging puzzles and situations in order to stay alive and succeed in their mission. Fully 3d graphics bring a sense of horrific realism to this terrifying environment.
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Resident Evil 4
Xbox One Release Date

August 30, 2016
UPC: 013388550203

Resident Evil 4
PS4 Release Date

August 30, 2016
UPC: 013388560318

Resident Evil 4
Wii Release Date

June 19, 2007
UPC: 013388350032

Resident Evil 4
PC Release Date

May 15, 2007
UPC: 008888683117

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