Metroid: Other M Release Dates

Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M

Rating: Teen
Genre: Adventure
Metroid: Other M invites players into a modern game play that seamlessly integrates a first person shooter with a third person shooter design. The heroine of this game is the classic Samus Aran character, which has been the protagonist in the Metroid franchise. Metroid: Other M features a traditional design of all levels that feature an array of elevators, hallways and doors. In this title, a giant bottle ship titled Galactic Federation is the main setting. Samus Aran must explore all of the paths to battle enemies and collect useful items and boosts. The weapons in Metroid: Other M include a classic arsenal of laser shooting guns and other futuristic high power firearms. Highly detailed graphics offer in depth looks into the appearance and persona of Samus Aran. Some of the enemies in the game include reptiles and robotic creatures.
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Metroid: Other M
Wii Release Date

August 31, 2010
UPC: 045496901912

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