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Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush

Rating: Teen
Genre: Action
In the strange, beautiful floating world of Hekseville, Kat has lost her memory. Nevertheless, when she encounters a mysterious black cat who embues her with the power to control gravity, it falls to her to save Hekseville from a gravity storm and the peculiar creatures who appear to threaten the city in its midst. This truly unique action adventure game combines elements of roleplaying mechanics and action play for a breathtaking experience. You can explore the open world by manipulating the nature of gravity for a fantastic three-dimensional experience. As Kat acquires new abilities, she?ll face new threats and side-quests, all beautifully illustrated in animation style graphics. Gyroscopic control renders travel through the beautiful environments a truly different experience.
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Gravity Rush
Vita Release Date

June 12, 2012
UPC: 898029705583

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