Final Fantasy XIII Release Dates

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

Rating: Teen
Genre: Action, Fighting
Embark on an adventure to Cocoon, a utopian sky-city and paradise. But when a hostile fal?Cie is discovered, peace is shattered and humans are cursed to wield magic as slaves. Players must unravel the mystery surrounding the peace of Cocoon with the aid of six playable characters. Emerge yourself into the world of Gran Pulse with an all-new ATB battle system, Crystarium leveling system, and a redesigned paradigm system that allows you to individually program your party into distinct roles under highly specific conditions.
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Final Fantasy XIII: Platinum Hits
Xbox 360 Release Date

March 9, 2010
UPC: 662248910024

Final Fantasy XIII
PS3 Release Date

March 9, 2010
UPC: 662248910017

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