Blitz: The League II Release Dates

Blitz: The League II

Blitz: The League II

Rating: Mature
Genre: Sports
Flagrant fouls are not just fine in "Blitz II: The League"; in fact, illegal plays are freaking fantastic. Visceral football carnage defines this brutally violent sporting series. There are no holds barred, and certainly no punches pulled. Realistic calamity ensues on the field at every dynamic moment. The injury engine is stunningly realistic, which means players can purposefully take out valuable members of the opposing team. Late hits are even incorporated, which makes it possible to unleash a viscious rampage after the clock has stopped. A dramatically dark story riddles the engrossing Campaign mode. Gamers can guide their franchise to the top, but they must first survive the sport's shady underbelly. Get ready to deliver physical strikes that are destined to end seasons; however, it is wise to remember that competitors have the exact same forceful capacities and cruel motives.
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Blitz: The League II
Xbox 360 Release Date

November 16, 2008
UPC: 031719301003

Blitz: The League II
PS3 Release Date

October 13, 2008
UPC: 031719269877

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