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Mario Sports Mix

Mario Sports Mix

Rating: Everyone
Genre: Action
Play as your favorite Nintendo characters in this Mario-themed mix of zany sports events. In games including hockey, dodgeball, volleyball and basketball, players can face off against the competition in an array of awesome settings. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Princess Daisy, Bowser and Princess Peach are just a few of the characters available to play, and each has a different playing style. Unique signature moves are possessed by all of the characters, giving players an instant edge over the competition. Excitement is boosted by a variety of classic Nintendo items scattered throughout the levels, including banana peels and koopa shells. With coins, bonuses and multipliers, players can maximize their scores. Multiplayer modes, which include competitive two-on-two gaming or co-op for up to four players, are a major highlight of this title.
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Mario Sports Mix
Wii Release Date

February 7, 2011
UPC: 045496902131

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