Superbeat: XONiC Release Dates

Superbeat: XONiC

Superbeat: XONiC

Rating: Teen
Genre: Action, Musical
In Superbeat: XONiC, find your rhythm and beat with 45 separate music tracks and approximately 200 play patterns! Start out in the beginner 4TRAX mode with only four tracks or the more advanced 6TRAX mode with six, or choose the mastery level 6TRAX FX mode that has extra FX tracks, and then show everyone that you truly are the best DJ in the world! Choose hidden missions and level up as you progress through the game. Select Free Style mode to independently play different songs. Superbeat: XONiC also includes local and global ranking in real-time and more than 50 amazing illustrations to enjoy as you play.

Switch Release Date

November 21, 2017
UPC: 897790002082

Superbeat: XONiC
PS4 Release Date

June 6, 2017
UPC: 897790002075

Superbeat: XONiC
Vita Release Date

November 10, 2015
UPC: 897790002068

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