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Burgertime Party!

Burgertime Party!

Rating: Everyone
Genre: Arcade
Peter pepper's Burger is the hottest grill in town, thanks to its classic menu of award-winning puzzles and patties. But when retro gaming's master chef can't take the heat of inventing a brand-new Burger, the ingredients that got chopped from chef peter pepper's latest recipe take matters into their own comically oversized gloves. Out of the trash can leap four nefarious food foes, editable enemies with an appetite for revenge! In the ultimate battle of man vs. Food, will cook or cuisine reign supreme? In 1982, chef peter pepper and the food foes delighted arcade-goers worldwide with the action/puzzler Burger time. The classic gameplay returns in a fresh, colorful package full of tasty twists and scrumptious surprises as BurgerTime party! For Nintendo Switch system! Iron-willed chefs can individually tackle the solo campaign or join up to three friends in local multiplayer, either by working cooperatively to defeat the food foes together, or by taking control of one or more food foes
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BurgerTime Party!
Switch Release Date

October 8, 2019
UPC: 859716006314

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