Ring Fit Adventure Release Dates

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure

Rating: Everyone 10+
Genre: Adventure
Explore a fantastical adventure World to defeat a bodybuilding Dragon and his minions using real-life exercises! Traverse grass-swept plains by jogging in place, attack enemies with overhead shoulder presses, and Refill your health meter by striking some Yoga poses. Two new accessories, Ring -con and leg strap, measure your real-world actions and help turn them into in-game movements. With additional mini games, Ring fit adventure is great escape for players of all skill levels and schedules. In adventure mode, defeat enemies with attacks based on real-world exercises! As you work through each level (and possibly work up a Sweat), you'll earn experience points. Between fights, you may encounter some unusual methods of transportation such as squat-powered launch pads, and more! Want to compete with others? Pass around the ring-con accessory and select from a few mini games: break boxes with GUSTs of air, craft pottery using squats and many others. ? An adventure game that's also a worko
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Ring Fit Adventure
Switch Release Date

October 18, 2019
UPC: 045496596675

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