Tropico 5 Complete Collection Release Dates

Tropico 5 Complete Collection

Tropico 5 Complete Collection

Rating: Teen
Genre: Strategy
It's time to establish a dynasty that will be remembered through the ages in the Tropico 5 Complete Collection! Take over rule of Tropico island during the colonial period starting in 1850 and rule as its El Presidente through different eras between the 19th and 21st centuries. Deal with many leadership challenges, including opposition by different factions, the need to discover resources and global events. Create a fleet that expands your reach through trade. Build a family to take up powerful positions within your government and support your reign. With this Complete Edition, play alone or with up to four players total. Enjoy cooperative and competitive modes! This Edition includes the Espionage and Waterborne expansion and 10 downloadable content packs!
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Tropico 5 Complete Collection
PS4 Release Date

October 11, 2016
UPC: 848466000604

Tropico 5 Complete Collection
PC Release Date

February 2, 2016
UPC: 848466000598

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