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Xbox 360 250GB

Xbox 360 250GB

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Endless gaming opportunities arise on Microsoft's 250GB machine. Every niche angle of virtual reality is encapsulated by this engrossing platform's dynamic array of powerhouse technology. The versatile controls can be adapted to any genre; meanwhile, extreme graphics facilitate hyper realism to engage players of all demographics. In fact, this decadent device doubles as an all-in-one entertainment system. Internet applications are automatically installed, which means owners have instant access to their favorite online libraries of games and music. With a ton of hard drive space, this unit can also fit comprehensive collections of personal media. Every essential piece of data can be stored on this innovative storage mechanism. Menus intuitively arrange all commands into a fluidly navigable interface. Gamers can represent themselves with highly nuanced visual avatars. Over time, it is possible to rack up thousands of gamer points based on unlocked achievements.
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Microsoft XBOX 360 E 250GB Console
Xbox 360 Release Date

June 1, 2013
UPC: 885370593006

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