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Rating: Mature
Genre: Action
A direct sequel to the controversial Drakengard, NIER takes place in a far future where humanity is dying, and a father must go on an epic journey to save the life of his daughter. Take up sword, spear, and spell, and fight in this action RPG filled with deadly enemies and even deadlier friends. As Nier, players will experience dynamic, combo-based combat punctuated with flashy, stylistic magic effects, enormous monsters out for their flesh, and an entire world of danger and intrigue. Featuring gorgeous visuals, complex gameplay, an epic soundtrack, and a storyline filled with twists and turns meant to wring out the player's emotions, NIER is sure to leave a lasting impression and encourage players to earn each of the game's multiple endings.
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PS3 Release Date

April 27, 2010
UPC: 662248909103

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