Wii Fit U w/Fit Meter Release Dates

Wii Fit U w/Fit Meter

Wii Fit U w/Fit Meter

Rating: Everyone
Genre: Sports
The second installment of the Wii Fit franchise is back and better than ever, offering hours of activity and excitement for anyone looking to shed a few pounds in a fun, interactive way. Like its predecessor, the Wii Fit U gets players off the couch and into the movement with a variety of games, challenges and exercises designed to start the blood pumping. It manages to go even further, however, with updated graphics, improved motion sensors and new features like dual-screen video and a real-time pedometer. Players will enjoy increased control over their fitness regimen as well as accurate, detailed statistics about their gameplay. Just load the data from your Fit Meter onto the Wii U Gamepad, and you're all ready to go! With real fitness tools and fun, engaging activities that don't feel like exercise at all, Wii Fit U is the new alternative to going to the gum.

Wii Fit U w/Fit Meter
Wii U Release Date

January 10, 2014
UPC: 898029663470

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