Far Cry Compilation Release Dates

Far Cry Compilation

Far Cry Compilation

Rating: Mature
Genre: Action, Shooter
Released by Ubisoft in celebration of Far Cry?s 10th anniversary, the Far Cry Compilation offers gamers access to 180+ hours of gameplay. The Compilation contains three FPS games: Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, and Far Cry Blood Dragon. Far Cry 2 is an open-world experience that transports players to a small central African country where the player must manipulate the two opposing factions in order to assassinate an arms dealer known as the Jackal. In Far Cry 3, the player becomes Jason Brody, who is trapped on a tropical island where pirates and natives are engaged in desperate battle for control. Far Cry 3 Bloody Dragon is a satirical stand-alone expansion of Far Cry 3 that takes place in a dystopian 2007. The player controls Rex, a Mark IV Cyber Commando whose mission is to kill Colonel Sloan.

Far Cry Compliation
Xbox 360 Release Date

July 1, 2014
UPC: 080699548649

Far Cry Compilation
PS3 Release Date

February 11, 2014
UPC: 008888349068

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